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Kitchen Completed by PKC in Sydney

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in-home design appointment

Our expert designers will work with you to create your one-of-a-kind kitchen, wardrobe, TV entertainment unit and other customer joinery products.

Kitchen Styles

Must be right for your space

Selecting the ideal kitchen style needs to mirror your preferences, all while optimising functionality and roominess. Be certain your layout aligns with your home's visual appeal and satisfies your cooking desires. Interested? Explore our kitchen styles or contact us for further inspiration, tailored to your kitchen aspirations.

Kitchen Layouts

Planning is key

Strategic planning is key to perfecting kitchen layouts. It guarantees the best use of space, streamlines workflow, and uplifts aesthetics. A thoughtfully designed kitchen seamlessly blends functionality with your distinct flair. Browse our kitchen layouts or reach out to us for a free quote now.


Nothing beats storage space

Generous wardrobe storage is a must-have. It tidies, arranges, and elevates room appeal. Adequate space ensures easy access to clothes and accessories, keeping them pristine. Elevate your space with smart storage solutions. Want more insights? Visit our wardrobes page for comprehensive details.

Around The Home

Discover the transformative power

More than just storage, finely crafted cabinetry amplifies beauty, optimises space, and reflects individual homeowner flair. Explore how cabinetry around the home can seamlessly transform and elevate interiors. Questions? Don't delay and get in touch for assistance or a free quote.

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