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Kitchen Completed by PKC in Sydney

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in-home design appointment

Our expert designers will work with you to create your one-of-a-kind kitchen, wardrobe, TV entertainment unit and other customer joinery products.

Kitchen Styles

Must be right for your space

Selecting the perfect kitchen design should resonate with your preferences, prioritising function and open space. Your choice should merge seamlessly with your home's character and cater to your culinary desires. Curious? View our diverse kitchen styles or contact us for custom advice to achieve your kitchen vision.

Kitchen Layouts

Planning is key

Thorough planning is essential to devise the ultimate kitchen layout. It focuses on maximising space, enhancing workflow, and boosting visual charm. A thoughtfully designed kitchen marries practicality with your distinct style. Browse our kitchen layouts and connect with us directly for a free quote.


Nothing beats storage space

Adequate wardrobe storage is vital. It declutters, arranges, and uplifts room visuals. Ensuring ample space keeps clothes and accessories readily accessible and in prime condition. Elevate your space with ingenious storage strategies. For deeper insights, navigate to our wardrobes page for an extensive overview.

Around The Home

Discover the transformative power

More than just storage, artfully designed cabinetry enhances aesthetic charm, optimises space, and embodies the homeowner's individual style. See the remarkable influence of cabinetry on interior spaces. Questions? Engage with us swiftly for expert advice or a no-obligation quote.

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