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Kitchen Completed by PKC in Sydney

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in-home design appointment

Our expert designers will work with you to create your one-of-a-kind kitchen, wardrobe, TV entertainment unit and other customer joinery products.

Kitchen Styles

Must be right for your space

Opting for the right kitchen style should align with your preferences while boosting functionality and creating a sense of space. Your chosen design should seamlessly blend with your home's look and meet your culinary expectations. Intrigued? Explore our kitchen styles or contact us for tailored advice that fits your kitchen dream.

Kitchen Layouts

Planning is key

Thorough planning is vital for achieving the best kitchen layouts. It prioritises space utilisation, boosts workflow, and heightens aesthetics. An expertly planned kitchen blends practicality with your distinct taste. Browse our varied kitchen layouts or get in touch for a free quote now.


Nothing beats storage space

Ample wardrobe storage is crucial. It streamlines, tidies, and elevates room appearance. Adequate space ensures that outfits and accessories are easily reachable and remain in top condition. Upgrade your space with intelligent storage options. Need more details? Head to our wardrobes page for an in-depth look.

Around The Home

Discover the transformative power

More than just storage, expertly crafted cabinetry enhances visual appeal, optimises room, and captures a homeowner's distinct style. Experience how cabinetry can elevate interiors to new heights. Got questions? Reach out to us without delay for advice or a no-obligation quote.

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